Soccer Team Boyz

Two Japanese boys come in for some sport. As we watch them change, notice the boy in the purple thong; I don’t think those are regulation, but they are hot. In this Japanboyz video “Soccer Team Boyz,” these two twinks take soccer to a “hole” new level. The boy on the right will top and the other, well, he’s the “hole.”

As the videographer chats with the two, we get a sense of their playful personalities. When the two sit down and begin to kiss, caressing is not far behind. As one boy is fondled and nipples sucked, the cameraman zooms in to check out his cute body. The shorts come off, revealing a nice boner through his underwear; a shot of his ass only serves to excite as the two move to the floor.

The top then pulls of the boy’s underwear and we get a momentary look,┬ábefore the top swallows it, whole. The bottom instinctively spreads his legs as he is sucked; the top seems to have a lot of experience sucking and it shows. The bottom moans and twitches as he is serviced. The bottom then holds his legs over his head so the top can work his hole. Lubing up, the top goes in with one, then two fingers. Using a nice anal toy on his partner, the top arouses him even more.

The top then takes off his shorts to present himself for sucking. The bottom happily goes straight to work on the top’s dick. The two hold hands as the bottom bobs his head. Ready to fuck, the top hardens himself and puts on a condom. This takes a bit so while he jerks himself, he also continues to finger the bottom; I count three fingers going deep. Once in and pumping, it takes no time before the top pulls out to reveal a fully loaded condom; jizz fills the reservoir and backs up onto his shaft.

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