Fuck Cream Boys

Paula’s on the bed when Dark comes in to spank his partner. As these twinks fondle one another, a Boykakke.com shot cannot be far off. “Fuck Cream Boys” is a video of these two hotties; one takes it up the ass and the other takes it on the face.

Dark can’t wait to get into Paula’s hole and begins to finger him. Naked, Paula then takes off Dark’s clothes to suck. As Paula engulfs Dark’s dick, Dark slaps and moans. Paula then goes on all fours as Dark fingers him again. Working his dick up, Dark then has Paula get him stiff, orally. Once on all fours again, Paula looks back to catch Dark’s aroused look.

Paula loves the anal attention and gasps as he is finger fucked. Pumping hard, Dark is about ready to enter Paula and plunder. Paula goes on top and slowly swallows Dark, anally. Once accustomed to his dick, and after a few adjustments, Paula rides with abandon, massaging his prostate.

Dark then thrusts from below, and both start to feel how pleasurable this boy on boy action can be. Dark then repositions his partner to doggie style, grabbing Paula’s hair and slapping his ass. These boys are enjoying the action and focus on one another’s delight. As the cameraman shoots from behind, we can appreciate all that Dark is give Paula.

Dark then has the bottom lie on his back and enters missionary style; Paula grabs the headboard to hold himself in the right position. As Dark gets close, he thrust into Paula, endlessly. Both start to moan and pant as Dark twitches then pulls out, showing Paula his cum-filled condom. He then drips the juices onto Paula’s chest and stomach; Paula rubs in the cream and takes a taste. Paula then jerks himself, while kneeling over Dark. Repositioning himself a few times, Paula is now close and sits atop Dark then blasts a Boykakke shot right onto the awaiting face of Dark.

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