Flat Tire Boys

flat tire boysThis week Japanboyz presents one of the best ideas for a gay Japanese love story I have seen for a long time.  Tomo is a bicycle rider, and seems he’s had a bad day.  His tire is flat and he’s on some desolate street in Tokyo.  Fortunately, a handsome young man by the name of ‘Kento’ is passing by, and offers a helping hand…and maybe even a little more…

Kento pumps up Tomo’s tire, and as he is doing it, Tomo is obviously thinking he’d like to be pumping something else. He gets him over to his place for a beer, and then he’s ready to make his move. The 2 sweetly kiss before Tomo goes down on Kento’s cock under the table. He licks and slurps that cock and obviously loves every second of it. The 2 make their way to the bed where Tomo does literally pump him in different positions, giving him a deep fuck so he’s sure Tomo can feel it. The 2 boys become 1 as Tomo fucks so hard he starts sweating profusely. Finally, he blows his load all over that sweet ass of Kento’s. Now that’s what I’d call some gay Asian love!
flat tire boys

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3 Responses to Flat Tire Boys

  1. wld says:

    good I want to know how to see this movies

  2. admin says:

    You can sign up for a member on Japanboyz. It only costs $1.00 and you can download this movie from that site. Just make sure to cancel the membership after you download it if you don’t want to be charged more. It is easy to cancel though so don’t worry.

  3. prince moiz says:

    I want to know how to see this full movies without paying cost

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