Asian Money Boys

If you have ever been to a city like Pattaya in Thailand, you know that it is filled with rent boys, or ‘money’ boys as they are referred to locally.  Having been there many times, and knowing how things work in the sex capital of Asia, I can tell you that the rent boys come in all shapes, sizes and personalities.

1) You have the greedy rent boy that is only in it for the money, and always wants more of it.  The buffaloes back on the farm need feeding and you need to be their walking ATM machine to keep them happy!

2) You have the rent boy that is only in it temporarily, to try to find a boyfriend to ‘rescue’ him from the life of being a ‘money boy.’  But a lot of times what happens in these cases is the foreigners find out ‘ you can take the go-go boy out of the bar, but you can’t take go-go out of the boy.’  The boy often ends up missing his friends and fun life he had of partying and sex, and often these relationships don’t last.


3. You have the rent boy that is a total slut, and is actually just doing it for the sex. He doesn’t care whose fucking him or how, as long as he’s having sex and making money, he’s a happy camper.

4. You have the guy that is only in it for the money. He is totally bored during the sex, and hates being a money boy, but due to circumstances beyond his control he stuck in the profession.

5. You have the ‘short time’ money boy that is just drifting from job to job and giving it a try, but that is actually adaptable to other work and has a brain on his shoulders. These guys can also be the ‘crafty’ money boys who get 5-10 ‘husbands’ that they juggle, all of which send the boy money every month. Sometimes these guys make big bucks (one such money boy I know drives a BMW).

6. You have the ‘sweet and innocent’ money boys that come from the country side. These guys are usually new and not yet ‘jaded.’ They are usually the sweetest guys in the bars, but are normally plucked quickly by the customers and most likely to find a boyfriend or take another opportunity if one presents itself!

That brings us to 18 year old Oum. Oum is a very cute 18 year old that would make any bar owner or customer happy, and I’d say he is a number 6 on my list. He’s just the type that you’d expect to find in a bar in Pattaya and feel like you made a ‘good catch’ if you brought him back to your hotel room. In this latest clip from the Gay Asian Network, we find Oum doing a fine job of servicing the big cock gay Asian cameraman. Whether taking a dildo, eating his cum or taking his piss on the face, Oum does it all with a sweet smile. I’m sure this is one boy that knows how to please his clients! Watch him in gay Asian sex action at the Gay Asian Network!

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