Kaorukun – Hot and Sexy XTube Asian Porn Tube Star

These days the hottest gay Asian porn stars seem to get their start on Xtube!  Take for example cute Japanese boy Kaorukun.  He is a beautiful gay Asian boy that used to submit his videos to XTube.  On XTube, we never got to see this cute boy’s face.  They only contained his BIG UNCUT and BEAUTIFUL Asian cock and sexy, and toned six pack body.  Well it seems like Japanboyz found him there and are now making him a porn star! Take a look at the video below of him from XTube as an amateur, then click to watch his new video from Japanboyz!

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Boykakke top model wrestling contest

i love asian boy expect thai boys that they are very sexy in dark skin. And must more sexy when are they have sex fucking bareback with the big cock and long cock OMG!! i love so much that make me horny all the time.

A little competition never hurt anyone, and today we have our “Boykakke’s Tom Model Wrestling Contest.” In fact, after this competition, I think we’re going to need a few more towels thrown in, some for their cum and for ours. As for the competitors in today’s bout, we have 21yr old Yai, 26yr old Nut, 25yr old Noom and 28yr old Od. Now, I know for a fact, that all of these Asian boys have got some nice moves and they’ve been told the winner gets a cash prize. However, I get the idea that isn’t the only prize they’re after!

The first two up are Noom and Nut. These two cute twinks are evenly matched in size except for their dicks and Noom seems to have the advantage. As they hit the mat, Noom comes out on top, undoubtedly his favorite position as he asserts his dominance. The boys slip and slide around on the mat as both reach for one another’s cock. Not sure that’s a legal move in wrestling, but we certainly don’t mind watching them bend the rules. Nut soon puts a lip-lock on Noom’s cock and Noom quickly maneuvers himself around and puts Nut’s cock in a lip-lock. And the bout just got started. Tune in to see who cums out on top!

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Asian Twink Boys In The Woods

Watch what happens when two boys take a walk in the woods.  These hot Asian twinks like to suck, fuck, rim and swim in each other’s cum.  Go to Boykakke.com to see how wet you can get.
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New AsianBoyNation Site To Delight


Come see what happens when you take one hot Asian boy and an American boy and add heat. Go to Asianboynation.com to watch all the lust ’til you bust videos.

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New Site AsianBoyNation

Asian Boy Nation is the newest site to throw a twist on the Gay Asian theme. The site pairs up cute Asian boys and their sexy white twink boyfriends and fuck buddies and gets them to have sex on film. The site has just been re-launched with fresh new updates and is looking very hot. If you aren’t totally ‘sticky’ about your rice, you definitely want to head on over to AsianBoyNation and check out this hot new site!

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Boykakke Twink Takes 5 Loads

Nothing better than seeing a creamy white Asian twink’s face, boykakke style. This boy is lucky to have 5 guys to blow all at one time.  When they cum, he just smiles and takes it; that is one hot facial.  You can cum too at www.boykakke.com where the twinks are always full of it. Continue reading Boykakke Twink Takes 5 Loads

Cameraman Helps Asian Twink Get The Right Angle

This Asian Twink is so hot, the cameraman forgets about filming and jumps into the action.  They lick and suck and figure out that “in the action,” is the place to be.  The cute smile on the boy’s face tells us that the cameraman is one skilled professional. 

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Gay Asian Muscle God Christian Thorne

Christian ThornChristian Thorn
Leave it to Randy Blue to find the hottest new gay Asian muscle Porn star on the planet; Christian Thorn. This adorable Asian man has a small frame packed with some ripped muscles, tight abs and delicious tattos which decorate one of the most beautiful bodies I’ve seen in a long time. He runs his hands all over his smooth body, as this muscular jock pinches his nipples and squeezes his juicy boner. And there is no way you can avoid staring with a hard-on at his ripped ass as he runs his hands all over it. Read more about Christian Thorn and watch a free video after the fold!
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Barebacking Asian Skate Boys

Barebacking SkateNothing like some hot skater boys fucking bare back in the outdoors!  You might have seen these hot Barebacking Skate Boys before – Big Cock Yai, Cute Twink Somchit and hot Thai boy Aum.  I can’t say I’m a bit sad to see them again.  No one knows how to ride a dick like Somjit, which is why we find him hustling here as boyfriends Yai and Aum pick him up for a hot bareback fuck.  What follows?  More after the fold!
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The Classic Cute Asian Boy Model

The Classic Cute Asian BoyAsian Classic.  What’s it mean?  For me, it’s an Asian guy that’s cool, mysterious, muscular and handsome.  An Asian guy a bit more rugged, but still with a smooth body and cute face.  This guy to me is ‘Asian Classic.’  I could see him starring in a 1970’s Hong Kong action film, or maybe in a commercial for deodorant.  Whatever the case, he’s the kind of Asian boy model that my fantasies are made of!