Hot Japanese Boys Fuck in the Kitchen

I love Hot Gay Japanese Boys in uniforms and suits!  Today Japanboyz mailed me about their newest update and asked if I could do a post.  I love their website, and their models, so as long as they keep sending me these great updates I’m happy to be the first to show you guys.  And getting to see sexy Tatsushi as a Businessman was a big hard on for me!

Tatsushi had a long day at work, and came back in to check some emails while his sexy boy toy Hiroto was being domestic; washing the dishes.  Hiroto was wearing nothing but a sexy little apron and some see through underwear, so Tatsushi couldn’t help but get a bit distracted.  His eyes kept wandering from his computer screen to Hiroto’s amazing and perfect, plum ass!

Soon Tatsushi comes up to this cute boy from behind and starts kissing and grabbing his butt while he’s washing the dishes.  He is so hot for that ass, he puts his head right up to it, and sniffs and licks it through his undies.  You can tell Hiroto is really horny to get that ass cleaned up by Tatsushi’s tongue.

Hiroto can’t get enough of Tatsushi’s love, and starts undressing him from his suit.  He then gets some strawberry cream, and squirts it all over his horny business man’s nipples, licking clean every delicious drop.  Some more kisses, and then Hiroto is ready to start sucking Tatsushi’s cock.  Tatsushi returns the favor, but what he’s really excited about is rimming and fucking Hiroto’s ass, which he does on the sink and the kitchen table!

I don’t think you need me to get into all the details, let’s just say these gay Asian boys really turn up the heat and get down to some hot fucking, finishing with some signature Japanboyz cum kisses.  Priceless!!

Gay Asian Dog Boy gets Punished

It’s a crazy update this week at GayAsianAmateurs!  There is a new gay Asian boy there named ‘Mark.’ he a boy…or is he a dog??  According to his masked master, he’s a not only a dog, but a bad one!  Looks like that’s why he is going to get punished.

In this new video, we watch as the Dog Master takes his slave boy for a walk, then gives him a bath in the bathroom.  Seems this gay ‘dog’ boy is horny as he reaches for his master’s cock, so his master gives him a slap.  The bad dog doesn’t stop though, so our Dog Master takes out his big cock and spanks Mark’s face.  Mark licks and laps up the juicy dick.  After one hell of a good cock suck, the master needs to get this doggie on all fours to give him a fuck.

He holds the camera as he fucks the dog boy, but looks like there are 2 cameras as we see both the close-ups of the master’s big cock and far away shots of him holding the camera and fucking.  Finally after a great fuck, the master pulls his cock and bathes the dogboy in is his cum.  The Dogboy also shoots a load of his own.

If that wasn’t enough, the master then pisses all over the dogboy’s ass, in a very wet and horny ending.  Between the dog chains, the pissing, the spanking and slapping as well as the master’s crazy mask, this video is definitely not for the ‘normal’ people…but it one hell of a kinky fuck/piss/cum gay Asian twink extravaganza!

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Gay Asian Sex Education Boys

Sorry for my delay in bring you cute gay Asian boys.  I am just getting ready for my trip to Singapore!  I just found this update today though from Boykakke I had to share.  It features my 2 absolute favorite new Gay Thai Boys Somchit and Tan…together!!  Tan is a tall, skinny, gorgeous Asian twink with beautiful lips, nipples, a great ass and big juicy uncut Asian cock.  I think you remember Somchit from some of my other Gay Asian Blog entries; he’s got such a cute face and nice body and is so good at sex!

In this awesome gay Asian video, Somchit meets up with Tan in the elevator.  Both are Asian College Boys and just finished up at the University.  After making eye contact, looks like they are going to do some different kind of homework together!  Soon the boys are kissing in the elevator and feeling the warmth of each other’s hard cocks.

Tan invites Somchit in, and the boys get down to some Gay Asian Sex Education!  Tan starts by giving Somchit a blow job, licking and sucking his sweet dick.  You can probably guess what happens next, but if not, watch our free gay Asian porn video below!

Gay Asian boys Shower and Sucking Big Cum with Big Cock

Are you ready for a ‘hot shower.’  Check out these 2 golden Asian boys Tak and Tay as they give each other a nice, warm milk bath.  My favorite gay Asian boy here is Tay.  He has such a cute face and kissable lips, and a hot smooth ass.  The other model Tak has a really nice big Asian cock, and it’s filmed with some very thick and white sperm. Lots of lovely, cum eating, nasty fun here.  You can download the full video from!

Cute Japanese Boy Koji

Hey guys, I have another cute Japanese boy photo and video today. His name is Koji, and he is a popular gay Asian model from the Japanboyz website. He comes from the ‘Electric City’ in Tokyo, Japan, known as Akihabara. In this video update from Japanboyz, he shows us around his city, and then he takes us to his home to show us what we really want to see.

His solo performance is very horny because he has a great fit body, nice 6 pack, and a really hot ass. I would love to fuck a hot Japanese ass like his! If you like cute Japanese boys, make sure you check out this latest update.

Gay Asian Boys having Hot Sex

I love the new updates of gay Asian boys at Japanboyz!  My favorite model there is named ‘Mitsuru.’  He is a lean, toned, tan Japanese guy with an amazing swimmer type body.  He’s also got a very cute face.  In these new updates he is both top and bottom, showing he is amazing and versatile.  I’m a huge fan of him and he is now my favorite Japanese gay porn star.

The other model named Koji I quite like too.  He is also versatile, which seems to be common for Japanese gay boys.  He has a super hot ass.  I actually think he looks a bit more Chinese then Japanese, but who cares?  He’s still hot!!

Here’s a free video I found, but you can see hundreds more free gay Asian videos at Japanboyz!