New Hot and Sexy Model Japan Boy 3

Sexy body and cute face in summer. i will make a vacation on the beach soon. I love to see cute asian boy , six packs and big cock asian boy. And i love to see big cock in the underwear or in swimming wear. So Sexy for me. i wanna kiss you.

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New Hot and Sexy Model Japan Boy 4

Sexy asian boy on the beach. Making me so horny with cute asian face and nice body. So exciting to see some boy naked on the beach in summer time.

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Leo Ota sexy asian boy

Sexy Leo Oda is 22, from Tokyo and is at the beach today, in a cute Speedo. He is here to introduce himself, show off some of his talents and peek our interest; let me tell you, this boy does. Leo likes Karaoke, hanging out at the water and working out, nice. For, this is Leo, a hottie with an interest in boys; any of you think you could help him out with that?

Leo’s looking for a guy who can “compliment” him. As we talk, I ask about taking care of himself physically; he recommends, “working out and protein shakes;” I feel we are in synch about the “protein” part. He lies down on the beach and rubs on himself; a great view, and the ocean is behind him. As far as his, “type,” he likes strong guys who are physical; he’s into “Batman” type movies. When he stretches out on the beach and starts to maneuver himself, I do try to keep the camera steady, but ‘it’s hard.’

With his body splayed out, as he looks back at the camera, I really wish I could fulfill his needs; I’m sure you do too. A nice side and frontal view really highlights just how sexy this boy is; he seems almost playful with his body, nice. As Leo fondles himself and starts to come up, he begins to “peek” out of his suit. Adjusting his dick, he shifts it to the side for more comfort, and growing room. This is one cute Asian boy that I will definitely film more of; I just need one of you to hold the camera for us, any takers?

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New Hot and Sexy Model Japan Boy 2

So Exciting to click on the page to see sexy japanese boy and cute asian boy sexy model.     I love to see him all the time. Love out door sex. i will lick him there. Would you like to see more and for sure he’s cute sexy asian boy in the world.

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Japanboyz says Goodbye to Summer

Yes, unfortunately summer is coming to an end in Japan.  The stores are now fully stocked with Warm Winter jackets.  The hot winds are giving way to cool autumn breezes.  Clouds are filling the sky.  Fortunately, we have our memories of the hot boys that made Summer 2012 Scorching.  Japanboyz is just now releasing their hot ‘Summer 2012’ Video and Photo Collections, and from our sneak peeks we can see that these boys are truly sizzling!  Keep Reading for more free Gay Asian Boys photos of Japanboyz Summer!

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New AsianBoyNation Site To Delight


Come see what happens when you take one hot Asian boy and an American boy and add heat. Go to to watch all the lust ’til you bust videos.

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New Site AsianBoyNation

Asian Boy Nation is the newest site to throw a twist on the Gay Asian theme. The site pairs up cute Asian boys and their sexy white twink boyfriends and fuck buddies and gets them to have sex on film. The site has just been re-launched with fresh new updates and is looking very hot. If you aren’t totally ‘sticky’ about your rice, you definitely want to head on over to AsianBoyNation and check out this hot new site!

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Gay Asian Boys love their Balls

Donk and Ice, two hot gay Asian boys, are enjoying a game of volleyball at night when they decide to go home and “do something fun.” They sit on the bed and start making out while their cocks get hard in their shorts (there is something about Asian boys in loose shorts with hard cocks poking through them that I must say really turns me on). When their shirts come off, you see their nice toned bodies and pretty soon they are on the bed with only their sexy underwear on. Soon Donk is getting his cock sucked and then they do some hot sixty nine where Ice gets a nice rim job (who wouldn’t want to lick that hot little ass). They take turns sucking each other some more cock and *balls* (these boys just love to play with balls), until Donk decides to go in for the big score and fuck Ice. So, who won the game? Let’s call it a tie and see if these boys wanna play some more.
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Naked Gay Asian Boy Outdoors

Asian Boy Sexy in WaterfallThere is something so hot about a naked Asian boy in a beautiful setting like a waterfall.  Especially when they are as gorgeous as this stud.  Just check out his beautiful uncut cock.  I’d love to find an Asian nature boy like this to have fun with in the outdoors!

Gay Asian Beach Boys

Gay Asian Boys Sexy on the BeachI love going to beaches that are filled with Asian boys in their speedos.  I thought I would dedicate this post to my top favorite gay beaches in Asia.

5. Jomtien Beach, Pattaya, Thailand – Though Pattaya is as seedy as it gets, and it’s an ugly beach, it is on my list because it is just SO gay.  On Jomtien, lawn chairs fill up the beach and you can see gay men lounging around for as far as the eye can see.  All year around it was of the top destinations for gay men on the hunt for cute Asian boys (just watch your wallet – they are usually money boys!).

4. Gold Coast Beach, Hong Kong, SAR – In the summer, you can see tons of beautiful Chinese boys, laying and tanning in very small speedos.  However, the really exciting thing about this beach is the locker room and showers.  The last time I was there, a hot Chinese guy asked if he could put some lotion on my back.  I agreed, and after a sensual application of the lotion my cock was getting hard.  It wasn’t long tell we were in the showers making out and we both shot our huge loads of jizz together.

3. Samed Beach, Thailand – This beach is about 3 hours from Bangkok.  It has beautiful white beaches, great seafood and a disco that is about 75% frequented by gays year around.  Unfortunately they don’t have a gay specific beach, but if you are lucky and go at the right time, gays do tend to take over!  Last time I went the area over the rocks from ‘Tub Tim’ hotel was very cruisy and I was able to pick up a hot tourist in the bushes.

2. Patong Beach, Phuket, Thailand – Well I must say my home country has the best beaches that I know about in Asia.  Phuket has another great gay beach in Patong.  You get beautiful white sand, cute Asian boys basking in the sun, delicious coconut drinks and (at night) all the cock you want!  If you need a nice getaway then Phuket is a great holiday destination.

1. Petitenget Beach, Bali – If you are in Bali and seeking some gay life, where you can lay in the sun and watch guys cruising in the nearby forest, then this is the beaech for you. The food is great and usually delivered by a cute boy.  When I was there, I ended up buying a massage, and believe me, it was a massage worth paying for!

Please post a comment for me if you know any other good gay beaches you have been to in Asia!