Boykakke top model 6 pee fuck cum

These four hot boys can’t seem to leave each other’s dicks alone, thank goodness. At, Noom Sakda, Nut Lakdee, Yai and Od Bumlung seem to go hand in hand with fun, “Pee, Fuck, Cum Contest” fun that is. These Thai cuties are here for some fucking action; come aboard and ride the twink train all the way into the station, don’t mind the water, it’s nice and warm.

Paired from the start, we have Noom and Od together on the left, and Yai and Nut on the right. With all of them getting hard, Yai takes a turn at peeing on the boys, to enhance their pleasure. Up so close, you can feel the splash back, Noom pees on Od and then fucks him, deep; their moaning is so hot as Od, slides into the happy place. The camera then pans over to Yai, taking a ride on Nut, lucky boy. While still inside, Noom walks Od over to the other boys.

Yai then bends Od over as he himself is entered by Nut; Noom comes behind, as the caboose in this fun fuck train. The boys are all “into” each other now. As we zoom from below, a nice tight shot is taken of the choo-choo. They all work together in order to satisfy one another. Noom then devours the cum given to him, happily. In the end, I think they all did a great job; of course, “taking it in the end” is itself, a wonderful prize. We did also have a winner of the “Boykakke Top Model,” it was Nut. Congratulations to all the boys and a big creamy thanks to those who voted and commented on the forum.

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Top model 5 the raunchiest orgy

Well, who doesn’t like an orgy? These four are hot on the “tail” for one another and they have no problem helping themselves to each other. On this episode of “Boykakke’s Top Model: Raunchiest Orgy Contest,” we have Noom Sadka, Nut Lakdee, Od Bunlung and Yai, engaged in a hot foursome that begins with a wank and a piss. After bathing in this gorgeous feast, go to the forum and pick which model did it best for you.

After the boys harden, Nut receives a golden shower, happily. They then go back to orally pleasuring one another and, from there, every orifice is used for a dick. Up close, we have Nut sucking Noom. Od has his turn getting a “shower.” The four pair off as Od is fucked by Noom and Yai pounds Nut. A nice zoom in takes the action up close and personal as all four try different positions in taking and receiving. Od gets the added pleasure of being pissed on, while being fucked by Nut. Nut gets his own “spelunking” experience, when Noom dives in. Od takes advantage of his position, to suck Yai.

From below, a great shot shows us the depth of their fun; all are moaning. Noom pulls out to piss on Nut; he then goes back in. Nut continues to fuck Od as Noom penetrates Yai, deeply. Od leans over to caress Yai as they are both being explored. Nut is the first Boykakke boy; both Noom and od are tugging to orgasm. Noom creams first, releasing a thick load onto Nut’s lips and tongue. Nut then receives Od’s dollops and all is washed away by another pissing.

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Shou tsuyoshi and ryota 1

this guy name Shou is sexy japanese. so exciting to see pissing from him before fucking small ass hole with big cock. i want him on my bed right now.

Shou is up to do a solo. Well, not exactly a solo. With Tsuyoshi, a solo is never as it seems. Tsuyoshi brought his toys with him and Shou’s hole will get a workout along with his cock. Now, the title of this video is “Shou, Tsuyoshi and Ryota;” I wonder how the “Ryota toy” will be used? At, Tsuyoshi is always filled with surprises and that’s why our members love him so.

Shou is such a sweet, gentle boy that when Tsuyoshi asks him to take a piss, he does a nice golden shower, right through his cute white undies. He then rubs his crotch as he smiles; massaging his wet underwear will put smiles on our members’ faces as well. Moving his hand over his balls and dick, Shou comes up hard and happy; he also flicks his nipples for our added pleasure.

Shou showers off and resumes masturbating. Ah, here comes Ryota, one of Tsuyoshi’s toys; he begins to suck on Shou. Soon, Shou is panting and the two move to the bed. Shou licks on Ryota and they move into a nice 69 position. The camera zooms in on Shou’s oral work, and Ryota’s nice cock. Tsuyoshi enters the scene with other play things he has brought and works an anal stimulator into both Shou and Ryota’s asses. Wait until you see Shou’s load! For a solo, this was a hot three way.

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New AsianBoyNation Site To Delight


Come see what happens when you take one hot Asian boy and an American boy and add heat. Go to to watch all the lust ’til you bust videos.

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New Site AsianBoyNation

Asian Boy Nation is the newest site to throw a twist on the Gay Asian theme. The site pairs up cute Asian boys and their sexy white twink boyfriends and fuck buddies and gets them to have sex on film. The site has just been re-launched with fresh new updates and is looking very hot. If you aren’t totally ‘sticky’ about your rice, you definitely want to head on over to AsianBoyNation and check out this hot new site!

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Two Asian Boys Bareback In Nature

Two cute Asian twinks are out in the woods.  When they eye each other, they go natural, barebacking in the forest.  This hot porn is about sharing that special moment with someone and seeing how much pleasure the outdoors can bring.

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Asian Money Boys

If you have ever been to a city like Pattaya in Thailand, you know that it is filled with rent boys, or ‘money’ boys as they are referred to locally.  Having been there many times, and knowing how things work in the sex capital of Asia, I can tell you that the rent boys come in all shapes, sizes and personalities.

1) You have the greedy rent boy that is only in it for the money, and always wants more of it.  The buffaloes back on the farm need feeding and you need to be their walking ATM machine to keep them happy!

2) You have the rent boy that is only in it temporarily, to try to find a boyfriend to ‘rescue’ him from the life of being a ‘money boy.’  But a lot of times what happens in these cases is the foreigners find out ‘ you can take the go-go boy out of the bar, but you can’t take go-go out of the boy.’  The boy often ends up missing his friends and fun life he had of partying and sex, and often these relationships don’t last.


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Bareback Asian Farm Boys Fuck Outdoors

Want to see some cute gay Asian boys in the outdoors having an all out kinky fuck fest?  Here’s the story from the newest update at GayAsianNetwork for Bareback Farm Boys:

On the farm, Oum is spotted taking a piss, when he’s supposed to be working in the fields. He’s spotted pissing in the field by 2 superior workers, Somjit and Yai. Soon Oum is on his knees, taking their big cocks in his mouth. Getting into doggy position, Somjit rims his smooth asshole while Oum sucks on Yai’s huge cock. Somjit can’t wait to stick his bare cock in this cute boy’s horny boyhole and ride him, cowboy style. Soon he’s fucking that fresh ass while Oum continues sucking Yai’s big dick. Yai gives that ass a hard, bare and beautiful fuck while Oum sucks the jizz right out of Yai’s big cock and sucks it dry. Next it’s Somjit’s turn to cum, and he pulls his dick out just in time to jizz all over Oum’s face. The 2 have a final cum swapping kiss.

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Gay Asian Piss and Cum

I love Gay Asian Piss, so when I heard Japanboyz brought back cute Japanese twink Hiroto to piss all over Tatsushi’s face, I immediately logged in to download the video, and I wasn’t disappointed. After pissing all over Tatsushi, Hiroto licked all the pee off of his face and body. If your thirst for pee is not craved by all that piss licking though, then for the main course Tatsushi spread some cream in Hiroto’s delicious Asian ass, and then licked it all up all the way inside his beautiful butt hole. After giving that ass a thorough cleaning, Tatsushi sucked on his thick cock and licked his nipples, until lots of white cum was splashing out of his beautiful cock. Can you guess what will be for dessert? Watch tons of kinky Gay Asian Piss videos from the GayAsianNetwork!

Gay Asian Piss Revenge in Japan

I love Kinky Japanese boys, how about you?  This week at Japanboyz features a lot of piss and watersports action.  Check out Tatsushi and Koji.  First Koji pisses all over Tatsushi’s face.  Then Tatsushi returns the favor; completely drowning poor Koji in his pee.  I love gay Asian piss and I especially loved watching Tatsushi pee all over Koji.  His cock was hard as he was pissing, which really turns me on.  Next the boys kept right on going at it; kissing, having sex, sucking each other’s cocks.  Finally Koji shot his load and Tatsushi lapped it all up before sharing the cum kisses.  Japanese Boys really are the kinkiest Asian boys!  See all the action and a free video trailer of the piss at!