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New Site AsianBoyNation

Asian Boy Nation is the newest site to throw a twist on the Gay Asian theme. The site pairs up cute Asian boys and their sexy white twink boyfriends and fuck buddies and gets them to have sex on film. The site has just been re-launched with fresh new updates and is looking very hot. If you aren’t totally ‘sticky’ about your rice, you definitely want to head on over to AsianBoyNation and check out this hot new site!

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NEW Gay Asian Boykakke – Same Cute Boys, More Hardcore Bareback Cum

Boykakke emailed me today to tell me that they have a FRESH NEW FREE TOUR with LOTS OF new free video samples you can enjoy.  One of their new series of videos involves Thai boys wrestling, but somehow the wrestling always turns into a HOT Gay Asian Bareback session!!  Click the link for more hot free photos or go to for the free video sample!

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Gay Asian Boy Cums on his Blonde Twink


Just in time to make your wet dreams cum true, here are two cute boys that can’t wait to make sweet love to each other. Erick is 18 and Austin is just 19 and both of these teen boys are horny as hell. They waste no time kissing each other’s lips and making hot love as soon as the camera starts recording.

Evidently this young blonde twink Austin had never sucked an Asian cock before and loved sliding his sweet lips up and down the fully erect dick. As he sucked on Erick’s hard dick, his own wood started to pop out from his underwear.  What really made him hard though was the thought of that rock hard dick sliding in and out of his fresh pink asshole.

Erick gave Austin the hardest, deepest and most intense fuck of his life. The way these boys lovingly kissed and got so hard for each other, you can tell they really love each other and I can only dream that they must be boyfriends in real life.  I couldn’t imagine anything sweeter then their young, puppy dog love.  And the look on Austin’s face when his face was smeared with his lover’s Asian jizz…absolutely priceless!

Asian Boys Tickle Foot Fetish and Ass Games

Gay Japanese Boys are back for more fun and games. Horny Hiroto starts by licking Masataka’s body and sucking his cock. The cock makes Hiroto’s Hole twitch and soon he’s on all fours begging to get his hot ass rimmed. Masataka opens that hole up (and I must say Hiroto has one huge, loose Asian butthole!) and goes to work on Hiroto’s hole, licking and kissing it. Then he finds a trusty toy vibrator, and inserts into Hiroto’s twitching butthole. That makes Hiroto even more happy and horny, as we see the close up insertions of his beautiful flowery buttocks absorbing the vibrator and squeezing it out of his boy hole. 

Masataka wants to play some more games with Hiroto, so he moves from his ass to his feet and tickles sweet Hiroto. You have to love this gay Asian foot fetish play. Hiroto laughs, and let me tell you it’s so sweet seeing this boy smile. Masataka proceeds to lick his feet and suck his toes. 

Hiroto returns the favor and kisses and licks Masataka’s feet. Then he moves from the feet back to Masataka’s cock, which he sucks. It seems Hiroto’s feet really turn Masataka on, so Hiroto massages Masataka’s nipples with his toes. That’s enough to make Masataka shoot his load…as he squirts his white jizz all over Hiroto’s feet.

 I think both of these Gay Asian Twinks enjoyed playing with each other. Do you want to play some footsie and fuckie with them too?

Beauty Asian Boys Special Announcement
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Gay Asian Piss Revenge in Japan

I love Kinky Japanese boys, how about you?  This week at Japanboyz features a lot of piss and watersports action.  Check out Tatsushi and Koji.  First Koji pisses all over Tatsushi’s face.  Then Tatsushi returns the favor; completely drowning poor Koji in his pee.  I love gay Asian piss and I especially loved watching Tatsushi pee all over Koji.  His cock was hard as he was pissing, which really turns me on.  Next the boys kept right on going at it; kissing, having sex, sucking each other’s cocks.  Finally Koji shot his load and Tatsushi lapped it all up before sharing the cum kisses.  Japanese Boys really are the kinkiest Asian boys!  See all the action and a free video trailer of the piss at!

Gay Asian Dog Boy gets Punished

It’s a crazy update this week at GayAsianAmateurs!  There is a new gay Asian boy there named ‘Mark.’ he a boy…or is he a dog??  According to his masked master, he’s a not only a dog, but a bad one!  Looks like that’s why he is going to get punished.

In this new video, we watch as the Dog Master takes his slave boy for a walk, then gives him a bath in the bathroom.  Seems this gay ‘dog’ boy is horny as he reaches for his master’s cock, so his master gives him a slap.  The bad dog doesn’t stop though, so our Dog Master takes out his big cock and spanks Mark’s face.  Mark licks and laps up the juicy dick.  After one hell of a good cock suck, the master needs to get this doggie on all fours to give him a fuck.

He holds the camera as he fucks the dog boy, but looks like there are 2 cameras as we see both the close-ups of the master’s big cock and far away shots of him holding the camera and fucking.  Finally after a great fuck, the master pulls his cock and bathes the dogboy in is his cum.  The Dogboy also shoots a load of his own.

If that wasn’t enough, the master then pisses all over the dogboy’s ass, in a very wet and horny ending.  Between the dog chains, the pissing, the spanking and slapping as well as the master’s crazy mask, this video is definitely not for the ‘normal’ people…but it one hell of a kinky fuck/piss/cum gay Asian twink extravaganza!

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