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Asian Boys Nice BodyHi everyone and Happy Songkran!  Today is the Thai New Year so I am going to go out and get wet with lots of half naked boys hehe.  I will try to post some photos of it later. In the meantime, here’s another beautiful Thai boyfriend of mine hehe.  Look at that body.  I would love to get wet with him.  Anyways I am off to go party now with gay Asian boys, wait for me to come back tonight and I will show you some photos of it!!!

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gay Asian boys with big cockI’m really jealous of this gay Thai slut boy that looks like Spiderman. He gets all these hot Asian boys and gets to do whatever he wants to them on film.  Why can’t I have his job?  Anyways I just came across the newest Gay Asian Amateurs update, and this week Spiderman is getting fed well (looks like he is a bit on the skinny side).  He’s found an Indian guy with a huge fat dong.  Then he sucks that cock and slurps up the Indian boy’s load.

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