Cute Asian Boy

Cute Asian BoyHere’s your cute Asian boy for the week, looking great in the outdoors whether bathing himself or hiding behind some banana leafs.  This sweet Thai boy looks like he is packing a hot and hard banana of his own in those wet underwear, I’d certainly love to blow on it and dry that off!  I’m getting hot just thinking about it.  Hope you can enjoy him.

So Cute Japanese Boys

This week Japanboyz features 2 beautiful Japanese Twinks, Masataka and Hiroto. Hiroto was sleeping in bed with the lights out, when Masataka sneaked in with a video camera. Gently and softly, he started caressing Hiroto’s cock through his underwear. Then he gently pulls down his underwear in order to see and feel up his beautiful ass. He then pulls them down to expose the hole. Then he starts playing with Hiroto’s cock…Hiroto wakes up and asks Masataka what the fuck he is doing. Masataka just says ‘it’s not a big deal’ and continues feeling up the cute boy. From Hiroto’s sexy breathing, it seems he enjoys as Masataka continues to service his beautiful uncut dick. One of the hottest parts of the movie is when Masataka pulls his dick flaps over the cock head and starts licking inside.
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2 Cute Gay Asian Boys meet 1 Big White Cock

I just got an email about the newest Boykakke update, and this site is really my favorite right now.  This week in the member’s area they feature 3 cute new models; Koa from the Phillipines, a cute and nerdy European Asian boy Damian (with the hot glasses and tattoos) and a white twink with a big cock named Nathan.

All 3 of these hot boys are back from watching a movie and ready to have some fun. Nathan pulls out his cock first, and it’s a big one. Greedy Koa dives for the cock first and sucks it like a good little gay Asian slut. Damian is a jealous and tells Koa he wants some of that big white cock too.

Fortunately the boys compromise and share that dick, taking turns slurping and sucking on the nice cock and balls. Koa has no problem taking it all (he’s got the skills) but Damian can’t help but to choke on it a bit.

The gay Asian boys finally get naked too and show off their hot, smooth bodies for Nathan. He is one  very lucky white guy to have 2 gorgeous, horny Asian boys in his bed worshiping his cock. Getting licked and sucked all over by them, he can no longer contain his huge load. He wants to shoot it all over Koa. Koa is a willing participant, as Nathan shoots his white frosting right in Koa’s open mouth. Fucking Delicious!

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Naked Gay Asian Boy Outdoors

Asian Boy Sexy in WaterfallThere is something so hot about a naked Asian boy in a beautiful setting like a waterfall.  Especially when they are as gorgeous as this stud.  Just check out his beautiful uncut cock.  I’d love to find an Asian nature boy like this to have fun with in the outdoors!

Beauty Asian Boy of the Week

Asian Boy Smooth and Sexy and Big CockHey there, here’s your Asian dream boy of the week. With sexy eyes, sweet lips, nice muscles, big nipples and a beautiful cock, this here is my idea of gay Asian perfection.  He looks like he could be an Asian prince, waiting for you in the bed with that beautiful smile and hard cock waiting for you.  I don’t know much about him, other then that he is Thai and models for a lot of magazines. Hopefully I can run into him someday and get to know him better, or at least I will dream about it!

Thai Boy with Cute Face and Nice Dick

Cute Face and Love his DickHi guys.  You probably already know what I’m going to tell you.  I totally love this guy!  Okay first off, the young mustache.  I mentioned to you all before I love an Asian guy with sexy young mustache.  Call it my fetish, but when I’m kissing them, I love that little bit of roughness that contrasts with their smooth, soft bodies.  But that’s only the beginning of my love for this hot Asian man.  He’s got a nice long cock that would hit right to my pleasure spot. And I love the Thai tattoo swirling around his arm.

Asian Boys with Big Muscles and Abs

Asian Boys Big MuscleTGIF!  I am going to help you celebrate the weekend with this beautiful Asian hunk.  Nothing like a smooth Asian guy with big muscles and a sexy 6 pack to sit and dream about.  Now, you might be wondering how this Asian boy has such an amazing body and six pack.  Well, he has a very special secret!  Watch the video below and you too can learn the secret from an Asian guru about how he got such a beautiful six pack.

Thai Super Model Naked!

Gay Asian Sexy OutdoorHey guys!  We have a new hot Asian model today to show you from the gay Thai magazine.  This guys is one of my favorite models so I almost died when I got to see these hot naked photos of him!  He really has such a beautiful face and body.  I don’t know how they were able to get these naked photos of him on the beach, but it is so erotic and natural looking.  He as such a cute smile also.  Makes me happy too!

Gay Asian Boys with Sexy Eyes

Gay Asian Boy Sexy EyesI love Gay Asian Boys sexy eyes.  You can feel the mystery and eroticism when an Asian boys stares at you and is horny for you.  I am not saying other races don’t have sexy eyes, but there is something especially hot about Asian boys eyes.  I hate it when people make stupid comments about ‘slant eyes.’  I actually think Asian boys have the sexiest eyes.  And Asian boys eyes actually come in all shapes and sizes, and are always dark and sexy.