New Gay Asian Porn Star From Boykakke – Ice Jipayu

Ice Jipayu is the newest gay Asian porn star over at Boykakke, and can I just say I’m in love? This cute little twink has an amazing ass and insatiable appetite for cock and sperm. In this hot video, we watch to sexy Asian tops (who both defy the stereotypes with their big Thai cocks) fuck Ice and share their cum with his beautiful face. Gay Bukkake never looked so hot and fresh. Click ‘More’ to see the FREE GAY ASIAN VIDEO of these beautiful Gay Asian Boys!
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Gay Asian Boys love to swallow cum

Okay so we all know there is some risk to cum swallowing and it is not the safest sexual activity.  Yet why is it every time a gay Asian boy goes down on me, they love to take the load?  Just how safe is it to swallow some delicious gay Asian cum?  Well, the good news is that according to experts, so far, there is no evidence that shows that swallowing semen is high risk for HIV transmission.  Now that isn’t cause for going and celebrating by swallowing as much gay Asian cum as you can…you can still get other STD’s through oral sex and semen.  Okay enough with my public service message (hope I didn’t kill your boners yet).  The reason for this post is present to you my favorite gay Asian cum eater.  His name is Yuta, and he is fucking cute.  Just check out the free video and more pics by clicking the more button!

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Slim Japanese Boys

I have to say I have a thing for slim Japanese boys.  And in Japan, it seems they are so thin.  Perhaps it’s the healthy diet of Udon noodles and sashimi that keeps these boys thin as a rail.  Whatever the case, Kento from Japanboyz is cute gay Asian boy with a slim body that leads to a delicious round ass.  I would take that ass for dinner over Udon and sashimi any day, although I wouldn’t mind slurping on this boy’s noodle either.  Read more and watch a free gay Asian porn video by clicking the link below!

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NEW Gay Asian Boykakke – Same Cute Boys, More Hardcore Bareback Cum

Boykakke emailed me today to tell me that they have a FRESH NEW FREE TOUR with LOTS OF new free video samples you can enjoy.  One of their new series of videos involves Thai boys wrestling, but somehow the wrestling always turns into a HOT Gay Asian Bareback session!!  Click the link for more hot free photos or go to for the free video sample!

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