Bareback Asian Farm Boys Fuck Outdoors

Want to see some cute gay Asian boys in the outdoors having an all out kinky fuck fest?  Here’s the story from the newest update at GayAsianNetwork for Bareback Farm Boys:

On the farm, Oum is spotted taking a piss, when he’s supposed to be working in the fields. He’s spotted pissing in the field by 2 superior workers, Somjit and Yai. Soon Oum is on his knees, taking their big cocks in his mouth. Getting into doggy position, Somjit rims his smooth asshole while Oum sucks on Yai’s huge cock. Somjit can’t wait to stick his bare cock in this cute boy’s horny boyhole and ride him, cowboy style. Soon he’s fucking that fresh ass while Oum continues sucking Yai’s big dick. Yai gives that ass a hard, bare and beautiful fuck while Oum sucks the jizz right out of Yai’s big cock and sucks it dry. Next it’s Somjit’s turn to cum, and he pulls his dick out just in time to jizz all over Oum’s face. The 2 have a final cum swapping kiss.

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Gay Asian Muscle Boys in Small Underwear

Asian Muscle Guy in Small UnderwearDon’t you just love seeing a ripped gay Asian muscle boy in some tiny thongs?  Staring at those ripped abs and muscular legs, with only a little tiny piece of cotton covering the most sacred parts of an Asian God’s body?  Let’s just devote ourselves to the adoration of these Asian Adonis studs.

Fucking my College buddy Noo

Noo is the newest gay Asian twink to be fucked by the cameraman at GayAsianAmateurs.  Now, what’s new about this video is that we finally get to see the formerly masked cameraman take off his signature green mask.  What’s revealed is a gorgeous boy!  Personally I think the cameraman is even more sexy then the amateur this week, and he has one hell of a hot big cock as well.  Another noteworthy fact is that the cameraman all along is Yai – the big cock sexy boy I wrote about last week!

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Hot Asian Nerdy Boy – Yuya

Otaku (おたく / オタク) is a Japanese term used to refer to people with obsessive love of comic books and manga. Japan is a country with a total appreciation of the ‘nerd’ culture. From comic books, to video games, to a love of all things electronic and super sonic, it’s a country that breeds nerds and geeks.  And I must say, there is nothing hotter then a nerdy gay Asian twink with glasses to get me going.  Just check out this hot nerdy twink named ‘Yuya.’  He looks just like the kind of dweeb you’d see with his nose stuffed in a comic book in Akihabara or Nakano in Tokyo.  Sometimes when you go to these ‘comic book’ cafes, you can find a hot Japanese boy stroking his cock as he enjoys some erotic manga.  I must say, I love these kinds of horny perverted nerds in action!

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Creamy Boy 2 Fucking

You should remember Creamy Asian Boys Koki and Kojima. A couple of weeks ago I showed you the beginning of their hot Japanese Summer time Sex Video.  Here’s more photos from that video, where you can really see things ‘heat up’ and get even more ‘hot and creamy.’  Here’s the video description from the website:

This week, muscular Japanese stud Koki gives handcuffed Kojima the punishment he deserves. After forcing his big cock down this twink’s throat, he fingers his tight little butt, preparing it for his anal insertion. Once he gets his cock in that hot, wet orifice, he’s ready to start pounding. He fucks that ass hard in a variety of positions, until Kojima shoots cum all over his slim, tanned body. Then, Koki pulls out his thick uncut cock just in time to blowhis load all over Kojima’s lips. Kojima laps up all the extra cream that is slowly dripping from Koki’s big ice cream cone. Looks like Koki got his Creamy revenge!

Asian Navy Boys

Asian Sexy NavyIf this hot Asian sailor doesn’t make you want to sail the seven seas, then just throw away the hook and let me drown in the sea!  With his Asian muscles, yummy tattoos and long uncut cock, I’m sailing away into paradise with this guy.

Asian Cowboys

Deep in the westWorking on the field plowing rice is hard work.  It’s no wonder that many Asian boys have such defined bodies and delicious 6 packs.  It would be nice to be alone in the fields watching these hunks sweat, then lounging with them when the day’s work is done.  Perhaps followed by some more ‘plowing’ in the bedroom….mmmmm!

Gay Asian Boys love their Toys

Meet Ice.  Ice is a cute Thai boy with a big smile, big cock, and (after getting his ass fucked by a huge beaded dildo) a big asshole.  He is a 22 year old Asian boy and this was his first time to get photographed. He wasted no time getting naked, and you would never tell it was his first time from the way he whipped out his hard cock. With his cock rock hard the cameraman handed him some beads to play with.  Actually, the cameraman decided to do all the work himself, and lubed up this cute Asian boys ass and inserted the beads into his ass.  Ice seemed to enjoy every minute of it as the cameraman pulled the beads in and out and Ice moaned in pure enjoyment.

Gay Asian Small Cock But So Sexy

Some things cum best in small sizes, and that’s exactly the case with this smooth Japanese twink, Kojima.  He’s got a small little frame, but big personality, and while his cock might be small his asshole is freshly shaved and looks delicious.  And as you can see, he has one of the smoothest little bodies you could ever ask for.  If you like cute things that come in small packages, and an asshole that would fit snugly around your shaft, then just imagine the pleasure you would have with Kojima!

Asian Big Cock Big Muscle and Big Smile

Asian Big Cock Big Muscle and Big SmileHere’s another dreamy gay Thai boy for you to enjoy.  He has everything you would need to satisfy your craving for an Asian hunk; a hot smile, great six pack, big cock, and looks delicious in underwear.  He does need to learn how to drink without spilling it all over himself, however.  If he was my boyfriend I wouldn’t let any of that milk go to waste and lick it all off his body…and then see if I could help him produce some milk of his own!