Asian Boys Sticky Kisses

You probably know that Asian boys love to eat all things ‘sticky.’  Sticky rice has long had a tradition as being one of the most popular cuisines in South East Asia.  So it comes as no surprise that they also enjoy eating another favorite cuisine of mine…Asian boy cum!  That’s exactly what the website serves up every week; Asian boys fucking, dumping their jizz on each other’s faces and then licking it up and sharing sweet cum kisses.  It’s a formula that works, and the Gay Asian Network is ‘sticking’ to it!

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Gay Asian Boys Make Art and Love

Gay Asian boys in Japan
Japanese Muscle man finds a Twink Asian boy

This week we have a new update from  As you may recall we showed you the photos of a hot Japanese muscle bear named ‘Kenta’ last week.  Now we get to see him pound a cute Japanese twink with glasses.  I really liked Kenta in this video, but I found the twink boy to be a little too ‘girly’ for my tastes.  Nonetheless, it was nice to see the contrast between a big Japanese masculine man fucking such an extremely feminine boy!
Here’s the description from the website:

University season is just starting up in Tokyo, and Kosuke is in the park sketching for his Drawing class. That’s when Kenta parks his bicycle and sits beside him on the bench. The 2 talk about Art studies, but it is obvious something more is on their minds.

They go back to the Kosuke’s Apartment for a drink. Kosuke tells Kenta he has some great sculptures upstairs, and invites him to come up. Before they even make it into the room to look at the sculptures though, Kosuke kisses Kenta and things start to get hot and horny. Soon Kosuke is on his knees slurping on Kenta’s juicy dick. Kenta responds by fucking his mouth, but is really ready to fuck some of Kosuke’s hot and hairless asshole. He thrusts his raging hard-on into Kosuke’s super tight hole. You can probably guess what happens next…

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Asian Boys with Beautiful Uncut Cocks

I don’t know about you, but for me, nothing beats an Asian boy with a nice cover of skin over his cock.  That’s what really attracts me to this new model from Gay Asian Amateurs, named ‘Kit.’  I love the way his skin fully covers his juicy dick, but when he gets hard, a beautiful moist mushroom head pops out.  I also love that he can stay rock hard when he gets fucked and cums a big load.  I’m just jealous that cameraman’s cock was inside him and not mine!

Cute Asian Boys that Love to Eat Cum

Cute Gay Asian Boys like Aun are lovely cum eaters.
I love cute gay Asian boys that are cum eaters

Aun is the newest cutie from the Gay Asian Network. I knew he looked familiar because he’s got such a cute face, he’s totally unforgettable.  Then I realized I met him one time in a club in Bangkok!  I remember thinking he was really cute but he was with some friends and I was too shy to make the ‘first move.’  Finding his photos here is like a dream cum true…but also a slap in the face because now I’m really kicking myself for not trying to get him in the sack.

In this video, he jacks off, opens his beautiful ass hole up wide with a sex toy, sperms on a plate and then eats his own jizz.  You got to love a cute Asian boy that is willing to eat cum.  It really made me imagine if only I had taken him home that night, his beautiful face bobbing up and down my cock, and then swallowing the sperm from my cock. Nothing feels better then a cute Asian boy taking your load down his throat…I sure hope we get to see more of sexy Aun and his beautiful lips covered in lots of spermy white goodness!

I love cute Asian Boys like Aun.

Japanese Bears have Muscles too

Kenta is from Kobe, Japan, and he is the type of Japanese man many an Asian boy (and western guy alike) craves in gay Asian porn. He is a cross between a Japanese muscle stud and a Japanese bear, but likes to consider himself for of a Japanese bear (although I would call him more of a muscular cub!). Actually his type is quite popular in Japan, and I’m sure this guy must have a ton of dates! While Kenta does have a bit of meat on his bones, he is still very well proportioned with a nice muscular body and he also seems to have a very nice personality. If you don’t mind a bit of Kobe Beef on your man, then Kenta might just be one of the best Gay Asian Boys for you!


Name: Kenta
Age: 29
Occupation: Designer
Height: 5’8″
Weight: 145 pounds
Cock size: 7 Inches
Position: Versatile

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Gay Asian Boy Cums on his Blonde Twink


Just in time to make your wet dreams cum true, here are two cute boys that can’t wait to make sweet love to each other. Erick is 18 and Austin is just 19 and both of these teen boys are horny as hell. They waste no time kissing each other’s lips and making hot love as soon as the camera starts recording.

Evidently this young blonde twink Austin had never sucked an Asian cock before and loved sliding his sweet lips up and down the fully erect dick. As he sucked on Erick’s hard dick, his own wood started to pop out from his underwear.  What really made him hard though was the thought of that rock hard dick sliding in and out of his fresh pink asshole.

Erick gave Austin the hardest, deepest and most intense fuck of his life. The way these boys lovingly kissed and got so hard for each other, you can tell they really love each other and I can only dream that they must be boyfriends in real life.  I couldn’t imagine anything sweeter then their young, puppy dog love.  And the look on Austin’s face when his face was smeared with his lover’s Asian jizz…absolutely priceless!

Gay Asian Porn Star ‘Koki’ Returns to Fuck Masataka at

Here’s some more photos from the hot ‘Mount Fuji Boys’ courtesy of Japanboyz.  I love watching Koki Fuck Masataka.  You can tell these 2 boys really had a great time ‘working’ together.  I’m really hoping Japanboyz will bring back more of Koki, he’s the hottest gay Asian Porn Star right now!

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Sweet Gay Asian Underwear Boy

Singha is the name of the tastiest beer in Thailand, and it’s also the name of one of it’s cutest, most talented boys.  I absolutely adore him.  I’m not sure if it’s his sweet face, his beautiful uncircumcised cock sticking out of his sexy underwear, or the way he just spreads that ass wide open like a beautiful flower, but I imagine nothing would be more pleasurable then sticking my cock inside him.  Raise your beer and say to Cheers to Singha!