Gay Asian boys Shower and Sucking Big Cum with Big Cock

Are you ready for a ‘hot shower.’  Check out these 2 golden Asian boys Tak and Tay as they give each other a nice, warm milk bath.  My favorite gay Asian boy here is Tay.  He has such a cute face and kissable lips, and a hot smooth ass.  The other model Tak has a really nice big Asian cock, and it’s filmed with some very thick and white sperm. Lots of lovely, cum eating, nasty fun here.  You can download the full video from!

Cute Japanese Boy Koji

Hey guys, I have another cute Japanese boy photo and video today. His name is Koji, and he is a popular gay Asian model from the Japanboyz website. He comes from the ‘Electric City’ in Tokyo, Japan, known as Akihabara. In this video update from Japanboyz, he shows us around his city, and then he takes us to his home to show us what we really want to see.

His solo performance is very horny because he has a great fit body, nice 6 pack, and a really hot ass. I would love to fuck a hot Japanese ass like his! If you like cute Japanese boys, make sure you check out this latest update.

Gay Asian Beach Boys

Gay Asian Boys Sexy on the BeachI love going to beaches that are filled with Asian boys in their speedos.  I thought I would dedicate this post to my top favorite gay beaches in Asia.

5. Jomtien Beach, Pattaya, Thailand – Though Pattaya is as seedy as it gets, and it’s an ugly beach, it is on my list because it is just SO gay.  On Jomtien, lawn chairs fill up the beach and you can see gay men lounging around for as far as the eye can see.  All year around it was of the top destinations for gay men on the hunt for cute Asian boys (just watch your wallet – they are usually money boys!).

4. Gold Coast Beach, Hong Kong, SAR – In the summer, you can see tons of beautiful Chinese boys, laying and tanning in very small speedos.  However, the really exciting thing about this beach is the locker room and showers.  The last time I was there, a hot Chinese guy asked if he could put some lotion on my back.  I agreed, and after a sensual application of the lotion my cock was getting hard.  It wasn’t long tell we were in the showers making out and we both shot our huge loads of jizz together.

3. Samed Beach, Thailand – This beach is about 3 hours from Bangkok.  It has beautiful white beaches, great seafood and a disco that is about 75% frequented by gays year around.  Unfortunately they don’t have a gay specific beach, but if you are lucky and go at the right time, gays do tend to take over!  Last time I went the area over the rocks from ‘Tub Tim’ hotel was very cruisy and I was able to pick up a hot tourist in the bushes.

2. Patong Beach, Phuket, Thailand – Well I must say my home country has the best beaches that I know about in Asia.  Phuket has another great gay beach in Patong.  You get beautiful white sand, cute Asian boys basking in the sun, delicious coconut drinks and (at night) all the cock you want!  If you need a nice getaway then Phuket is a great holiday destination.

1. Petitenget Beach, Bali – If you are in Bali and seeking some gay life, where you can lay in the sun and watch guys cruising in the nearby forest, then this is the beaech for you. The food is great and usually delivered by a cute boy.  When I was there, I ended up buying a massage, and believe me, it was a massage worth paying for!

Please post a comment for me if you know any other good gay beaches you have been to in Asia!

Gay Asian Boys with Cute Face with Perfect Body

Asian Boys Cute Face with Perfect BpdyHey there, hope you are enjoying your week. When I think of Beautiful Asian Boys, I think of the type of guys that really take care of themselves.  That’s why I really like Asian boys that are confident, strong, proud and full of muscles…but also cute at the same time! Here’s a collection of the kind of Asian boys I love with cute faces and great bodies.

Gay Asian Boys having Hot Sex

I love the new updates of gay Asian boys at Japanboyz!  My favorite model there is named ‘Mitsuru.’  He is a lean, toned, tan Japanese guy with an amazing swimmer type body.  He’s also got a very cute face.  In these new updates he is both top and bottom, showing he is amazing and versatile.  I’m a huge fan of him and he is now my favorite Japanese gay porn star.

The other model named Koji I quite like too.  He is also versatile, which seems to be common for Japanese gay boys.  He has a super hot ass.  I actually think he looks a bit more Chinese then Japanese, but who cares?  He’s still hot!!

Here’s a free video I found, but you can see hundreds more free gay Asian videos at Japanboyz!

Happy Gay Thai Songkran New Years Festival 2011 Photos

Hi Boys, and sorry for my delay in giving you the photos I promised.  I’ve been VERY busy partying with all the boys at the 2011 Gay Songkran Festival in Bangkok, Thailand! For those that have never experienced Songkran, all I can say is, it is the more sexy then any gay pride.  There are thousands of gay Thai boys on the street, without shirts, getting each other wet in the blaring sun.  In front of popular disco DJ Station, there was a great DJ and hordes of shirtless, sexy Thai men all covering each other with face and body clay and getting wet and wild with each other.

To all my gay Thai friends, ‘sabai dee pee mai’ (happy new year)!  I can’t wait tell next year.  I’ll have to get a water proof camera to take more sexy photos for you though…I was soaking wet, shirtless, and horny all day and night!

Asian Boys Nice Body

Asian Boys Nice BodyHi everyone and Happy Songkran!  Today is the Thai New Year so I am going to go out and get wet with lots of half naked boys hehe.  I will try to post some photos of it later. In the meantime, here’s another beautiful Thai boyfriend of mine hehe.  Look at that body.  I would love to get wet with him.  Anyways I am off to go party now with gay Asian boys, wait for me to come back tonight and I will show you some photos of it!!!

Mitsuru and Koji

Argh I hate Mondays! That’s why I need to take a little break to look at some gay Asian porn. Today I found Japanboyz has another new update I like. 2 of my favorite cute Japanese boys fuck in this video, Mitsuru and Koji. I saw the guy Koji on this site before as a top but think he makes a much better bottom. I also really love athletic cute boy Mitsuru. He looks like the hot Japanese swimmer type of boy I really love. Hope you enjoy the free video!